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Taras Polakoff

Becoming a Jack-of-all-Trades

One unique feature of my internship this summer is that I have been involved in many different areas of the business. The company is a small startup that needed work in each department. I knew that my Babson education would be a huge help here as in my first two years I have taken courses…

Taras Polakoff

From Amazing Mentor to Amazing Boss

Even before I accepted my internship offer, my boss has been an incredible mentor helping me in any way he can. We spoke on the phone for hours discussing the industry and he offered me career advice. I knew at that moment, I had someone who really cared about me and my growth. I knew…

Taras Polakoff

Internship Tip: Be Flexible

You may have heard that being flexible will take you a long way in life. You may have heard it one moment and forgot about it a moment later. In one ear out the other is how the idiom goes. From the past month in my internship have learned that a great deal. Coming into…