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Internships are Full of Surprises: A Luncheon with a Nobel Prize Winner

One of the biggest things that I have learned over the course of my internship is that you cannot predict what is going to happen or you are doing to do the next day. It has taught me to always stay on my feet and be flexible.

My boss reached out to one of his academic idols to set up a lunch for the three of us. His idol is Dr. Harry Markowitz – a Nobel Prize Winner for his work on Modern Portfolio Theory. Our firm works in the Wealth Management industry in which we have to design and create portfolios for different clients. Sitting down with Dr. Markowitz allowed us to gain special insight into our portfolio creation process.

You never know what you might be getting yourself into when you accept an internship offer. I never thought that I would be having lunch with a Nobel Prize winner. Always be on your feet because new opportunities arise every day.