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Internship Tip: Be Flexible

You may have heard that being flexible will take you a long way in life. You may have heard it one moment and forgot about it a moment later. In one ear out the other is how the idiom goes. From the past month in my internship have learned that a great deal.

Coming into the internship I brought an expertise in social media on top of my educational background. I have not done any real work for a company besides growing their online presence. Once I arrived at work on my first day, I was given a set of tasks that I have never had experience in working with before. I took on the challenge and learned how to accomplish these tasks even though I haven’t done anything like it before.

That’s what it means to be flexible and it starts day one (if not earlier). I have had times where I have had to move meetings or change work schedules where I have needed to be flexible. But for me being able to adapt to new things being thrown at me build trust in my relationship with my boss.

Flexibility is a critical component to succeed in the workplace. I believe one who is inflexible will be replaced by someone who is because business is an ever-changing environment.