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Brianna Radicioni

TORq: A Real-Time Surgical Scheduling Solution

During her time as a surgical device representative, Babson graduate student Joanna Geisinger MBA’17 spent the majority of her time driving to a surgery that she would later find out had been rescheduled, or waiting at a hospital for hours because they were behind schedule. The solution? Torq Interface—a HIPAA-compliant, automated platform which exports real-time,…

Shannon Sweeny

Babson Undergraduate Business Making Laundry ‘Clean’

Babson undergraduate students Ryan Lupberger ’18 and Sam Gaudet ’18 are the founders of CleanCult, a subscription service that they say delivers the most effective, non-toxic laundry pods, so that you can feel clean, not chemicals. Their mission is to deliver that “clean-sheets feeling” to people while removing harmful chemicals from their skin and the…

Brianna Radicioni

Babson Alumna Startup: Meet Eugene

Meet Eugene. The love of Brianna Stiklickas’ ’15 life, and the very small – yet powerful, motivator behind her entrepreneurial pursuit and her recently launched Kickstarter Campaign.

Brianna Radicioni

Babson Student Startup: PICCPerfect

Babson Undergraduate student Emily Levy ’16 didn’t let her diagnosis take control of her life – she used it to empower others in similar situations. Here’s her ‘PICC’ perfect story: