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Babson Alumnus Startup: Paporize


Babson MBA Alumnus Vishnu Venkatesh M’14 wants to help vaporize your security concerns. Learn how Paporize will help you do just that.


Have you ever ‘replied-all’ to an email with an attachment that you did not intend to share? Or send the wrong file unintentionally? What if an employee you trusted sent company files to a competitor? Normally it is not possible to recover from these mistakes – but everything changes with the use of Paporize.

Paporize empowers you to put a virtual lock on any and/or all of your files – so only those you authorize can access them.

For example, let’s say Alice sends Bob a file containing sensitive information. Bob forwards the file to Charlie, but Alice never wanted Charlie to see the information. This can be a very serious problem if the file contained trade secrets, passwords, social security numbers, etc. With Paporize installed, Charlie would not be able to read the file because Alice would have only authorized Bob to access it. Simple! Alice’s confidential information remains protected.

Programming a Business Opportunity

At one point, Vishnu needed to send tax return files to his accountant, but wanted to make sure that nobody other the accountant, such as his email provider, could read the document. The alternatives were to upload the documents to a website that the accountant set up, with yet another username and password to remember, or to print and hand-deliver them.

He then realized that there were larger file-security issues at hand, for businesses and individuals alike, who exchange millions of sensitive documents on a daily basis. Keeping such files secure, through a software that is easy to use, had not yet been solved.

“My goal is for Paporize to become the number one enabler in the world when it comes to an individual or organization’s sensitive information,” said Vishnu. “I would like to have Paporize baked into as many programs, solutions, and operating platforms as possible to make it ubiquitous and easily accessible.”

Is File Security Really That Much of an Issue?

“One very common fallacy is that sending a document securely – be it through ‘secure email’ or ‘secure file sharing’, actually keeps the document safe,” said Vishnu.

After sending or sharing files, they usually end up being stored insecurely on devices like servers, laptops, and mobile devices. This is why hackers prefer to break into companies’ laptops or machines, rather than listen-in on email conversations.

Customers are also increasingly demanding that companies have fiduciary responsibility of their files and data, beyond just legal liability. Because of this, Vishnu hones in on the fact that “using Paporize to secure files will help users find peace of mind in controlling and maintaining such responsibility.”

In addition to providing much needed security, Paporize helps companies find immediate savings. Upon installation, piecemeal and specific security implementations can be eliminated at once.

The solution provides ease of use for both companies and individuals. And using Paporize will boost company image in the eyes of the consumer/client, thus ultimately helping to build the brand and develop a competitive edge.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

When speaking to what he likes most about being an entrepreneur, Vishnu shared that he loves the challenge of using his engineering creativity to solve real-world issues.

“Becoming an entrepreneur has also helped me to grow as a person, and build a sustainable business at the same time. A big benefit has come from being able to meet many intelligent people in a wide variety of fields – this is what life is about.”

Babson – Securing Success

Vishnu VenkateshAlong with his MBA, Babson has offered Vishnu the services of the Summer Venture Program (SVP) – its on-campus intensive incubator.

“The SVP was a game-changer for me as a novice entrepreneur,” he said. “It has helped to improve my message, understand my audience, and keep repeated focus on the development of a sustainable business. Babson’s huge network of approachable staff, alumni, and accomplished professionals has also served as a priceless resource in the launch and continued growth of the business.”