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Babson JMCFE Team Honored With WTT Young Leader Award

A Babson Joint Management Consulting Field Experience (JMCFE) Team has earned a Third Place Prize in the field of marketing at the 2014 WTT Young Leader Competition ceremonies September 23rd in Saint Gallen, Switzerland. Professor Dwight Gertz, Babson program faculty advisor, accepted the award on behalf of Babson team members Santiago Quinones, Mustafa Ozkanli, and Anibha Singh.…


World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

President Schlesinger is among the speakers at today’s session of the World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Boston.  His session focuses on Writing the Future: Trends and Traditions of the Innovation Nation. What will be the result of today’s shake-up of the world’s banks, financial markets and core industries? Some nations, regions and cities…


What Does Innovation City Mean To You?

Last night Boston-area thought leaders from diverse industries – including President Schlesinger – came together to discuss the idea of an innovation city. What is it? And how can planning and design intersect with—and help propel—leading area industries to ensure the future of Boston as an innovation city? The Innovation City panel discussion was hosted…