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World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

President Schlesinger is among the speakers at today’s session of the World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Boston.  His session focuses on Writing the Future: Trends and Traditions of the Innovation Nation.

What will be the result of today’s shake-up of the world’s banks, financial markets and core industries? Some nations, regions and cities will see their economic leadership diminish. Some certainly will survive and thrive. Others will emerge as the world’s next innovation nations. This session will take an inside look into those places that will attract, over the coming decade, the greater share of investment and development capital; human, cultural and educational capital; and technological and ecological innovation capital.

The session examines key questions such as:

1. When today’s nations run out of capital, what should they do? And, where do they go?

2. Who will survive the financial and environmental crisis? What are the emerging business models?

3. How can entrepreneurs point the way out of today’s crisis and be the focal point for restoring confidence?

4. Which nations will emerge as tomorrow’s innovation powers?

5. What type of breakthrough capital will they need and share?

6. What are the major trends and shape of things to come in health, communication, energy and technology?


Marian Salzman, Chief Executive Officer,

Euro RSCG Worldwide

Discussion Leaders

On Innovation Ecology and Selective Venturing

Noubar Afeyan, Managing Partner and CEO,

Flagship Ventures

On National Comebacks

Gary Shapiro, President,

Consumers Electronics Association

On Building a Better World By Doing What You Care About

Len Schlesinger, President,

Babson College

On Business of Social, Social of Business

Adam Pisoni, Co-Founder and CTO,


On Smarter Innovation Models

John Levis, Principal and Global Chief Innovation Officer,


On Intrapreneurship

Jacques Rogozinski, General Manager,

Inter-American Investment Corporation

On Whole Human on a Chip and the New Economy

Geraldine A. Hamilton, Senior Staff Scientist, Wyss Institute for

Biologically Inspired Engineering,

Harvard University


Jamil Mahuad,

Harvard Fellow,

Former President of Ecuador