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Name Of Business:  Recruiterbox

Web site:

Tagline: Manage job applications to your company

Mission/Description: Recruiterbox is an online software that helps companies receive and manage job applications.

Name & year of graduation and Contact:  Raj Sheth 2003 (ugrad),

Where located: San Francisco and Bangalore

Founder’s Past Life/Business:  Worked at EMC Corp as a Financial Analyst

How The Idea Began: 

When my two fellow co-founders Raghu and Girish were working in their previous jobs, they realized that managing the hiring process was a pain for all sorts of teams and company sizes. So we built the simplest possible recruiting software to substitute email and excel as hiring tools for small companies.

In the last twelve months, we have been adopted by 200 companies of different sizes and from different industries to manage their hiring (these include Groupon – China and India offices, Levi, Codecademy, Stripe, Kik Me and Skyscanner).

Millions of companies use email and spread sheets to manage their hiring. Our challenge is to educate them about Recruiterbox, and demonstrate how they can save a lot of time and money on their hiring process.

Favorite Thing About The Business:

I love the fact that a customer can visit our site, signup, use the tool and pay – all without needing any hand holding from us. It took us some time to manage this simple onboarding, and it seems to work well for most people.

Worst Thing About The Business: 

The worst thing is overcoming obscurity that a startup faces. We do not have a massive marketing budget to show the world how awesome we are.


For Babson alumni companies, Recruiterbox has a special promotion available on this link: