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Michael Chmura

Babson Alumni Featured On “From Founder To CEO” Podcasts

Several alumni entrepreneurs were interviewed for the “From Founder To CEO” podcasts of Todd Uterstaedt during its Babson College Week. Daquan Oliver “Daquan earned his Bachelor of Science from Babson and leads Jossle, a company that connects college students with brands. This young Co-founder & CEO continues to expand his company’s reach to over 25 cities.…

Michael Chmura


  Name Of Business:  Recruiterbox Web site: Tagline: Manage job applications to your company Mission/Description: Recruiterbox is an online software that helps companies receive and manage job applications. Name & year of graduation and Contact:  Raj Sheth 2003 (ugrad), Where located: San Francisco and Bangalore Founder’s Past Life/Business:  Worked at EMC Corp as a…