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Babson Alumni Featured On “From Founder To CEO” Podcasts

Several alumni entrepreneurs were interviewed for the “From Founder To CEO” podcasts of Todd Uterstaedt during its Babson College Week.

Daquan Oliver

“Daquan earned his Bachelor of Science from Babson and leads Jossle, a company that connects college students with brands. This young Co-founder & CEO continues to expand his company’s reach to over 25 cities. I appreciated so many points he made during the interview, including sharing how important processes and procedures are to his and his company’s success.”

Matthew Bellows

“Matthew earned his MBA from Babson and leads Yesware, a company that helps sales teams, sales managers, and companies in general, do sales better.  He shares some great points of leading a growing company. I also like his story about his sales leader and how he relearned the lesson of trusting his executive team leaders to do their job.”

Raj Sheth

“Raj is a proud graduate of Babson College and he credits his experiences at Babson for some of his success at being the CEO & Co-founder of Recruiterbox. He and his company are celebrating their 1,000 customer milestone…which is huge, to be sure. He readily admits that hiring was a weakness of his. Yet, he and his colleagues have spent considerable time overcoming and now mastering this important area. But, even more importantly, Raj shares some incredible insights about how he and his team have really thought through the use of outside money versus bootstrapping the growth of Recruiterbox. What he says about the path he and his team chose and what they may have to do in the future are serious considerations for any Founder & CEO focusing on growth.”

Nick Andrews

“Nick leads ReviTrage, a company that he started with a couple hundred dollars and now serves companies like Target, Jelly Belly, and GoDaddy. It was his daughter that inspired him to found the company. But, this risk adverse former management consultant has taken the inspiration of his daughter to very high revenue levels. His first year revenue was $1 million. You’ll want to listen to his thoughts on dealing with failure. It’s practical and inspirational.”

Luke Cooper

“Luke leads Peach, a company that is having a huge impact on the electronics warranty world. Luke is an incredibly accomplished person whose level head, focus on customers and his people, makes you feel so confident that his company will continue to make its mark on the world. In addition, his incredible discipline around ensuring his company runs monthly experiments is truly something we all should think about as Founder & CEOs.”

About From Founder To CEO

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My name is Todd Uterstaedt, and I want to take the mystery, confusion, heartache, and stress out of your transition from Founder to CEO.”