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Tips For Managing Career Transitions And Your Golf Game

For years I have been an avid golfer, spending as much time in the summer playing on team, in tournaments, or four holes in the evening with my husband.  Being on the golf course allows me to reflect, enjoy the outdoors, and focus on something unrelated to work.  Most golf courses are in beautiful settings, so it’s usually not hard to enjoy the views, the animals, the birds, or the scenery.  As a Professor, my research focuses on strategy and resource acquisition of  nascent organizations, women entrepreneurs, and angel investing.

I’ve written several articles, books, and papers on these topics over the past 25 years. But, I have always wanted to write an article about golf and get it published in a management journal.  I have thought quite a bit about how to do this and frequently drew from Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book applying some of his wisdom to strategy or entrepreneurship in lectures of my classes. Harvey Penick was coach for many well known pros and compiled all his pithy tips into a “little red book”.  With the encouragement of the editor of Business Horizons, Dr. Catherine Dalton, of Indiana University, I wrote an article that connects Harvey Penick’s “tips” to career transitions.  I believe there are lot of parallels between transitions in golf and in career transitions. Harvey’s tips apply quite nicely so I was very pleased that Catherine encouraged me to write this piece.

Candida G. Brush. Tips for managing career transitions and your golf game:  Lessons and teaching from Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book, Business Horizons; Jan-Feb. 2010 http://tinyurl.com/ykgrgfq

Candida G. Brush, Professor of Entrepreneurship
Paul T. Babson Chair in Entrepreneurship
Chair-Entrepreneurship Division