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Why Entrepreneurship Education is So Important in Countries like Spain, and Around the World

By Donna Kelley, Babson College Professor of Entrepreneurship, Board Member and researcher, Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Though still considered a leading European financial and technological hub, Spain was not immune to the 2008 recession and its lasting effects. Entrepreneurship rates declined from 2008-2010, with only a slight uptick thereafter, and societal attitudes about the presence…

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Why Miami? A Look at Entrepreneurship in the Region with Babson College Professor Donna Kelley

Last year, Babson College expanded to Miami, Florida with three graduate programs—including the Blended Learning MBA, ranked No. 1 for alumni earnings and top 10 worldwide by Financial Times (FT),The Princeton Review, and Entrepreneur magazine. The expansion builds on the ongoing success of Babson’s Women Innovating Now (WIN) Lab® Miami, and Babson’s growing, powerful network of 5,000 alumni…

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Andrew Corbett, Top-Ranked Entrepreneurship Research Scholar, Appointed Paul T. Babson Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies

Babson College Chair of the Entrepreneurship Division, Andrew Corbett, has now also been named the Paul T. Babson Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies. The Professorship honors the memory of Roger Babson’s cousin, Paul Babson, who was a graduate of the University of Nebraska, lived in Boston, and was a trustee and loyal benefactor of the College.…

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Women Entrepreneurs: The Engine Of The Latin American/Caribbean Powerhouse

Latin America and the Caribbean has made the headlines several times in 2016 for the meteoric rise of many of its entrepreneurs. Now a new regional report from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) shows that at the heart of this growth is an even more rapidly growing sub-sector of businesspersons: the region’s women.  The latest…

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Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide

Professor Donna Kelley discusses the findings of Global Entrepreneruship Monitor 2010 Women report.  The number of women entrepreneurs worldwide is about equal to the population of Brazil.

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State Department Presentation On Global Entrepreneurship

Last week I had the opportunity to visit the US State Department in Washington, D. C. with two of my entrepreneurship colleagues, Prof. Donna Kelley and Prof. Abdul Ali. Donna made a presentation about the findings of the 2010 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Research Project. GEM is a 59 country study of more than 175,000…

Global Entrepreneurial Activity In 2009

The release of the GEM 2009 report was much anticipated. The 2008 data was collected in the early summer of that year, before the recession started to dominate the front pages of newspapers across the globe. The 2008 data didn’t show declines in entrepreneurial activity in general across the dataset of 43 countries, although fewer…

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Social Entrepreneurship: GEM 2008

GEM measured social entrepreneurship by asking entrepreneurs if they are pursuing economic goals, social goals, or both.  There were three important findings that give us a glimpse into the future of business.  First, 44% of entrepreneurs are pursuing economic and social goals concurrently and this number doubles last year’s finding.  As a result, we find…

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Public Policy In The United States: GEM 2008

Previous GEM reports have noted that public policies toward entrepreneurship in high-income countries have several major goals: maintaining competitiveness sustaining innovation rates, and encouraging the availability of sufficient early stage funding Highlights of the GEM study which particularly pertain to public policy include the following observations: The impact of the recession and the financial crisis…