Catherine Portner

Insider Tips on Navigating an Industry Tradeshow

Whether you are an entrepreneur, changing industries or advancing in your current industry while you pursue your MBA at Babson, chances are you already have or will attend a conference or tradeshow at some point in your career. Before coming to Babson, I organized tradeshows for five years and was responsible for designing exhibit hall…

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Breaking the Ice with a Professional Look

For those brave souls looking to create their own start-up company, it’s important to remember your best ice-breaking technique—handing out well-designed and professional business cards. A well thought out business card provides customers with much more than just your contact information. If it was only used so people could contact you, it would be called a…

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Green marketing

Everyone is talking about our planet and whilst we are not quite a nation of Green Peace activists, we are all aware of our impact on our world.  Those who are activists have made a great impression on us by utilizing images of melting ice and thinning polar bears to make us aware of the…

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Creative Marketing Translates to Business Success

If business is rough, the last place to cut back is marketing. For relatively-little money, small businesses can grow through a combination of clever marketing techniques, including advertising, an Internet presence, development and use of customer and client databases and testimonials. There are unlimited options for marketing, and it’s important to create campaigns that are…

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When do you need business cards?

There is and will always be a debate among entrepreneurs on when is the right time to purchase your business cards. There are some who believe that it is a waste of money and time because it does not directly add to their product or service. My opinion from experience is that if you plan…

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