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Breaking the Ice with a Professional Look

For those brave souls looking to create their own start-up company, it’s important to remember your best ice-breaking technique—handing out well-designed and professional business cards.

A well thought out business card provides customers with much more than just your contact information. If it was only used so people could contact you, it would be called a contact card, not a business card. There are three main uses for your business card:

1. Branding

  • Your card will always have your name and logo on it.
  • Every time someone pulls out your card, they are pulling out your company, and not just your name.
  • This simple piece of card stock is a cost-effective way to advertise for your small business.

2. Networking

  • Gaining customers and notoriety for your small business is tough, but business cards provide instant visibility.
  • Handing a card to someone as soon as you meet them can be a terrific ice-breaker.
  • Business cards stay with someone, providing a better customer conversion.

3. Professionalism

  • Being a young businessperson with a personalized business card can show someone that despite your young age, you are mature beyond your years.
  • Having a business card will make everyday interactions flow smoothly.
  • Sleek, modernized custom business cards will set you apart from the crowd.

Before you decide to purchase your business card, make sure you have your layout perfected. On your card, you want your name and title front and center. As well, you want at least two ways for people to contact with you, along with your website URL. If you are web-oriented, make sure to include your social media names in order to gain followers. Being a Babson entrepreneur, you now have the opportunity to purchase premium business cards at discounted prices.

One last tip: When buying your business cards, do not skimp on the outer appearance of the card. Take a few extra dollars and invest in a glossy finish, and a colored back side. With these small add-ons, you will be able to gain additional potential customers or clients because of the markedly more professional look of your custom business cards.