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Marketing Within the NYC Food Industry

Walking around New York City, there is a restaurant on every corner. What determines the success of these restaurants? Mainly marketing. This summer, I am interning Minus10 Ice Cream. Minus10 Ice Cream is the first Thai rolled ice cream shop in New York City. The store lies in the heart of the cutthroat restaurant and food business within New York City, restaurants are easily lost amongst the industry because there is so much competition. With new restaurants opening up everyday, it is very important to understand what determines each one’s success. With over 58,000 followers on Instagram and 16,000 likes on Facebook, it is evident that they have mastered the restaurant business. The growing presence of social media platforms has made the precise and purposeful management of social media accounts very crucial for success. All the popular and flourishing restaurants have mastered marketing on a modern-day digital medium that draw in new and returning customers

Some marketing duties that I have taken on so far at Minus10 Ice Cream is creating content and setting up the content calendar. Creating meaningful content is very important as it should resonate with followers and overall stick to the brand’s story. Aesthetics is also important to a successful Instagram page. To create this, one should try to have an overarching theme within the feed to create a cohesive look.

Setting up a content calendar could be challenging but some of my tips would be to: look out for deadlines, new products, and holidays. Looking out for deadlines is important as you know what upcoming events are happening within the company and can be reflected in the plans. New products can help with planning as you can start promoting the products before their launch dates and create a buzz around them. When planning for holidays, there may be special promotions that can be advertised to bring people into the store. These are just a few things to keep in mind.