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MBA Student Business Jack Iron Sets Sail

Babson MBA evening student  David Bruenner and Chris Schmidt, co-founders and co-designers of dry goods brand Jack Iron, today announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign supporting an initial product line of handcrafted belts and functional accessories that combine rich leather with distinctive nautical snap shackles.

Jack Iron announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign

Jack Iron announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign

Bruenner and Schmidt are seeking to raise $20,000 from backers who will receive individually-numbered pieces from the first Jack Iron collection at early bird prices. “Kickstarter is the ideal launchpad for Jack Iron,” says Bruenner. “It allows us to communicate our unique story directly to our customers via history, pictures and video.”

With its headquarters in Boston, its sole manufacturing workshop in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and the founders’ roots in Seattle, Long Island and Kennebunkport, Maine, Jack Iron draws its creative inspiration from the hubs of America’s rich nautical history. Notes Schmidt, “We love our hardware and its story, which is tied to the art and science of sailing and exploration.”

Jack Iron pieces are distinguished by their hardware, a snap shackle that would function equally well securing a schooner’s mainsail or jib as it does securing a Jack Iron leather belt, key fob, or dog leash. A signature rivet complements the visually striking shackles, and all pieces of Jack Iron’s hardware are available in two metals—either brass or nickel—which offer the wearer a color palette for custom style expression.

The genesis of the Jack Iron design came to Bruenner as he spent long, labor-intensive days learning the craft of wooden boatbuilding at Kennebunkport’s famous Landing School, and later practicing his skills at a Boston shipyard. This authentic connection to shipbuilding, combined with Bruenner and Schmidt’s prior backgrounds working in finance and e-commerce, points to a promising future for this exciting new brand as it embarks on its maiden voyage.