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Alumni Business Unruly Studios Launches Unruly Splats

Unruly Studios is a Boston-based edtech start-up that creates interactive games to empower kids with critical STEM skills while encouraging physical play and social engagement. According to Founder Bryanne Leeming, its products get kids moving around and engaging with the whole room for their first ever experience of Active STEM Play. Its new product, Unruly…

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MBA Student Business Jack Iron Sets Sail

Babson MBA evening student  David Bruenner and Chris Schmidt, co-founders and co-designers of dry goods brand Jack Iron, today announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign supporting an initial product line of handcrafted belts and functional accessories that combine rich leather with distinctive nautical snap shackles. Bruenner and Schmidt are seeking to raise $20,000 from backers who will receive…

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Babson Alumna Startup: Meet Eugene

Meet Eugene. The love of Brianna Stiklickas’ ’15 life, and the very small – yet powerful, motivator behind her entrepreneurial pursuit and her recently launched Kickstarter Campaign.

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Babson Student Startup: PICCPerfect

Babson Undergraduate student Emily Levy ’16 didn’t let her diagnosis take control of her life – she used it to empower others in similar situations. Here’s her ‘PICC’ perfect story:

Avatar photo Raises Awareness Of Climate Change Through Gamification

SaveOhno Inc. has established a Kickstarter campaign to promote and fundraise for its climate change web platform,, which will launch in early 2015. attempts to educate and drive legislative progress on the issue of climate change through gamification and social media. “‘Ohno’ is a character that represents the site visitor’s great granddaughter, and…