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Grand Finale: 4 Entrepreneurs’ Lessons on Law, as Summed-Up by Students

Our talk with four entrepreneurial leaders: Amelia Adams, Allison (Abrams) Yee, Asheen Phansey, and Bianca Jordan (all alumni, and/or otherwise associated with Babson) provided a great wrap-up to our course on legal astuteness with regard to business formation and strategy, IP, contracts, torts, and HR. Their profiles, full titles, and connections to Babson are as…

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Building Entrepreneurial Cultures

What do the  Goldman Sachs Builders + Innovators Summit,  Zappos, and Babson College have in common:  A shared  mission of building entrepreneurial cultures. I was honored and excited to again attend the annual Goldman Sachs Builders + Innovators Summit, this time held at Dove Mountain in Tuscon.  For this event GS gathers up 100 entrepreneurs (both…

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How Women Entrepreneurs Are Transforming Economies and Communities

This post originally appeared on Forbes. By: Candida Brush Chair, Entrepreneurship Division For the first time in 13 years, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) study of 59 economies shows that women are creating businesses at a greater rate than men in three economies and in four others, the rates are nearly equal. In Ghana, Nigeria…

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Why Women Entrepreneurs Don’t Receive Funding

I recently completed a webinar reporting the findings of our Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Women’s Report.  This study compared women’s and men’s entrepreneurship in 59 economies around the world. One of the key findings is that women tend to close their businesses because they have challenges in getting funding.  We know from earlier research on…

Social Entrepreneurship Through Eco-Enterprises In Turkey

Anthropologist and Babson Entrepreneurship Professor Lisa DiCarlo discusses her off-shore undergraduate course, “Social Responsibility Through Eco-Enterprises in Turkey.” Her research areas include transnational migration, consumption and sustainability, entrepreneurship and creative economy, and the intersection of ethnographic research and social entrepreneurship.  

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World Entrepreneurship Forum – A Call To Action

Last week was the 2nd World Entrepreneurship Forum (http://www.world-entrepreneurship-forum.com/2009), a program founded by the EM Lyon Business School and KPMG with Babson College as an Official Academic Partner. It was my first time at the event, but it most certainly will not be my last. I spend a major part of my life at conferences,…

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Women Entrepreneurs In Japan

I arrived in Narita Airport in Tokyo yesterday and was met by Yuka Nakatsumi, CEO of a new company named Miths.  Miths produces and distributes organic matcha green tea in powdered form that can be mixed with boiling water.  Each package includes 5 cup sized samples in a flat transparent envelope that makes it transportable. …