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Babson Professor Joel Shulman Earns Top Wall Street Journal Ranking with Entrepreneur Fund

Joel Shulman

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) recently ranked Babson Professor Joel Shulman’s EntrepreneurShares Large Cap Growth Fund No. 5 among 698 similar funds on a YTD basis.

The December 2 WSJ’s Category Kings shows that EntrepreneurShares’ Large Cap Growth Fund generated 8.13 percent net performance (after fees) compared to 1.34 percent for the category average. This accomplishment follows other EntrepreneurShares top rankings in Pension & Investments, and solidifies Shulman’s entrepreneur strategy in one of the most competitive areas of money management.

The Entrepreneur Fund subscribes to his Babson research on publicly-traded entrepreneurial companies that suggests there are 15 attributes in the selection process. Notable among these traits include factors such as founder status, age of firm, type of growth, debt levels, and others.

This entrepreneur model has experienced strong growth with institutional investors in the last three years, propelling the Assets Under Management (AUM) for EntrepreneurShares from $25 million to $350 million.

Professor Shulman attributes this unusual growth to an “intuitive approach that appeals to investors backed by proprietary academic research and strong performance.”

His entrepreneur strategy applies to most Morningstar categories in both U.S. and international markets and follows Babson’s focus on Entrepreneurial Thought & Action®.

EntrepreneurSharesAbout EntrepreneurShares

EntrepreneurShares invests in organizations that emphasize entrepreneurial culture, organic growth, and aligned compensation. Investing in companies based on its core fundamental characteristics will provide the foundation to build a high conviction portfolio with the potential for alpha generation and upside capture.