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Entrepreneur Empowers Low-Income Youth

I had the pleasure of re-connecting with Veronica Chapman last week- one of our Babson MBA graduates.  Veronica has founded a new non-profit, Boxxout Enterprises http://www.boxxout.org/.

Boxxout partners with youth service organizations in low income communities to  provide youth  with innovative and engaging educational programs and events that teach 21st Century skills.  They have an exciting and entertaining approach that helps to provide students with a global perspective, public speaking and entrepreneurship using music and dance.  Working with local organizations such as the Boston Public Schools and Citizen Schools, Boxxout hopes to take low income youth off the streets and empower them so they can be productive members of society.

I was struck by the power of her idea, and her approach.  Veronica is using techniques from theater and music as a magnet to engage the students.  Clearly this is effective as her events attract numerous participants and the testimonies are very strong.  The idea has potential for scaling not only in the US but around the world into less developed countries.  I’m really pleased to see Veronica’s passion, commitment and determination to solve a social problem in such a unique way.

Candida G. Brush, Professor of Entrepreneurship
Paul T. Babson Chair in Entrepreneurship
Chair-Entrepreneurship Division