Florenza Phung

What’s my 168?

There are 168 hours in a week. How you manage your 168 hours a week will be critical for the next four years that you have in college. I am currently a senior at Babson College and these last four years flew by in a flash. Appreciate every minute that you have in college before it’s…

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Leandra Grinage

Here’s my 168, what’s yours?

My 168 hours are never spent in the same way. Each week, something new happens that I may spend my time doing. A typical week for me consists of studying, visiting professor’s office hours, volunteering at Cradles To Crayons, planning events as VP of Finance for HOLA and during fall semester my time bulk of…

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Brian Hickey

Brian’s 168 Hours: School, Sleep, Sports, and Social

It is 7:00AM on Monday morning and my alarm is buzzing as I wonder where the weekend has gone – time for another week and I roll out of bed…hopefully recharged and ready to go. A week at Babson is filled with 168 hours – to balance between academics, sleep, extracurricular/other activities, and a social…

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Jamie Rappoport

Real World Road Rules

Although my internship ended about seven months ago, I still vividly remember how prepared I felt throughout the eight weeks. I often found myself working on teams with interns from schools other than Babson. They were students from top business schools. A common trend I found was that I was always the leader, the go-getter,…

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Rahul Daryanani

Looking Back

With only 30 days until graduation, time seems to be flying by even faster than before. The past four years at Babson have been, to the say least, eventful. My time here has been fun, energetic, interesting, rigorous, and rewarding. As I think about what’s in store after college for me, I realize that I…

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Brian Hickey

CGIU 2014: Takeaways for Making an Impact

Over 1,000 college students converged on Arizona State University this past weekend with a simple goal: a commitment to make a difference. It was time for the 2014 Clinton Global Initiative University Conference and the students in attendance were from all fifty states and over eighty countries. Babson College students were fortunate to be included…

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Sophan Smith

Interested? Apply Now.

This happens quite a lot, you see an interesting job opening and you want to apply but you have several obstacles in your way. Oh it’s midterm week, you have social events to attend to or….. you figured, that you wait until the due date since you have another two weeks before you get started…

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Meghan Rowledge


College is considered a time when you are supposed to discover yourself. Who am I? Who do I want to be? These questions are constantly running through students minds, including myself. However, it is very easy for us to lose sight of who we are or who we want to be, when society has labels…

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A Day In the Life: Babson Senior

My final spring semester signifies the slowing of the wheels and transition to what it is to come right after; my last three months of college until the “real life” begins. Overall, my last semester has been a time for me to slow down, reminisce with friends and take the time to enjoy things I…

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Rahul Daryanani

My 168

    At Babson, I have 168 hours to work with in any given week. Some weeks, it’s a mix of classes and meetings, but other weeks, like this one, are a little different. This week my 168 sure is “busy,” but I don’t mind it because everything I have planned is something I want…

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