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Looking for some summer reading?

Our New Books shelf has plenty to choose from! For example, we’ve got some Pulitzer Prize winners and best-selling authors’ new titles:

  • Paul Theroux: The Lower River
  • Richard Ford: Canada
  • Junot Diaz: How You Lose Her
  • Louise Erdrich: The Round House

Or how about some biographies?

  • American Tapestry by Rachel Swarns, about Michelle Obama’s ancestors
  • Barack Obama: The Story by David Maraniss
  • On a Farther Shore: The Life and Legacy of Rachel Carson by¬†William Souder
  • The Passage of Power (about President Lyndon B. Johnson) by Robert Caro

Are you a movie buff?¬† You might enjoy David Thomson’s The Big Screen – The Story of the Movies.

There’s lots more!¬† Come into the library and browse¬†for what interests you!¬† Just ask at the Info Desk where to find all the new books.¬†