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Featured Alumni Business: Sage Data Security, LLC

Name of Business:
Sage Data Security, LLC

Mission/ Description:
Help clients safeguard their data against attack.

Alumni Name and Contact Information:
Charlie Burckmyer M’08;
Scott Noll, BA’98 & M’08;

Portland, ME

Inspiration/ Business:
We acquired Sage after a years-long search for a high-quality, high-growth business.

How The Idea Began:
After spending countless hours white-boarding our ideal markets and targets with no material outcome, a broker contacted us with an opportunity in the space.

Favorite Thing About The Business:
You’ve probably read about hackers breaking into businesses big and small. We help our clients keep them out!

Worst Thing About The Business:
Everyone thinks they’ve got great security…until they get hacked.

Most recent business accomplishment:
We’re pretty excited about closing the Sage deal. Scott and I founded Knob Hill Partners, the search fund through which we bought Sage, shortly after we finished our MBAs at Babson. It was a long and challenging process to find the right target, and we’re fired up to take the business to the next level.

Did any Babson professors/classes influence you/your business?
Professor Kevin Mulvaney’s classes (specifically, the mergers and acquisitions class) – and the guests he invited to Babson – were a major inspiration for us to raise a search fund and buy a business. Between his war stories, the cases we worked on, and the “Buying a Small Business” search experience program, we got enough of a taste for M&A to want to get involved.