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GetIn, LLC

Name Of Business: GetIn, LLC (

Web site:

Mission:  GetIn is a company focused on improving the college admissions process at a low cost process for all parties involved: college counselors, admissions officers and college applicants and their families. A first of its kind start-up, GetIn utilizes the Wisdom of Crowds theory that a diverse collection of independently-deciding individuals is likely to make certain types of decisions and predictions better than individuals or even experts on their own. Wisdom of Crowds has proven overly successful in Fortune 500 companies and governmental affairs, but until now, has never before been applied to college admissions.

Name & Contact and Babson connection: Noah Rosenberg ’06,

Where:  Singapore by way of CT / New York

Founder’s Past Life/Business: Management Consulting

How The Idea Began: My previous boss and I spent an extensive amount of time consulting for the education industry, and knew there needed to be change. We wanted to do something new and different but meaningful and affordable. It just so happened we had used crowd-sourcing to serve our clients. From there it was a matter of putting things together and building the infrastructure.

Best or Worst Thing About The Business: Best thing:  The ability to generate meaningful advice for students applying to college. The Worst thing: Not being able to provide the service for everyone that would be interested or needs it.

Biggest Challenge:  Balancing a full time job establishing operations in Asia while running GetIn full time!