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Spark Launch

Name Of Business: Spark Launch


Pitch: Spark Launch is a website solution aimed at businesses who need to affordably build an online presence. Our specialists setup your business with a website, blog, email, hosting, lead capture and analytics all for a flat fee in a matter of days. Spark Launch helps businesses avoid huge design costs and long development cycles with an easy and well-supported way to get your business on the web.

Mission: Help small businesses and organizations build a great web presence at an affordable rate.

Name & Contact and Year of Graduation: Ross Beyeler Babson College 2009

Where: Cambridge, MA

How the Idea began: After running a web design agency for two years, I found  a serious need for an affordable website solution aimed at small businesses who were budget-conscious yet still needed hands-on support.

Favourite Thing about the business
: Hearing that our clients have been able to generate actual business from their website.

Biggest challenge for the business: Teaching business owners just how easy it is for them to take charge in some of their online marketing.