KP Rhee

Who Needs Investors? Advice from John Mullins

Entrepreneurs with great ideas often struggle in the beginning with financial difficulty. In order to solve the problem, they seek angel investors, investors, and venture capitalists to fund their business. Not only is raising money hard, it also brings substantial drawbacks to businesses. Regardless of the benefit of getting funding, venture capitalist involvement may not…

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The Investor Pitch

Although it is winter in New England, here at the Blank Center we are gearing up for the summer. We’ve locked down our dates for this year’s Summer Venture Program (SVP), a 10-week program that supports the most promising MBA and undergraduate entrepreneurs from Babson, Olin Engineering and Wellesley Colleges. Demo Day is the culmination…

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Flip Sasser

“Don’t be afraid to jump into weird businesses” and other delightful quotes from my MBA education

In one week, my 18-month vacation at Babson will come to a close. I’m not going to prattle on about how fantastic it’s been, because like the MBA itself, no one came here to listen to what I thought. Instead, I’d like to sum up my education by giving you the top quotes from my…

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Getting Connected to Investors

A little advice on getting connected to investors, with Frank Lo, founder of Mountain Vertical. Several years ago, I founded my first startup, a retail company that I had ambitions of turning into a viable regional chain with potentially dozens of stores across the northeastern US. We raised capital and were firing on all cylinders…

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Purchasing a Franchise and the Important Research that You Need to Do

Before investing in a franchise you must be sure to do extensive background research on the brand and support system that the company provides. There are many online tools that you can use to find information on franchises online. One of my favorite research spots is Franchise Fix, because they provide just the right amount…

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