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Blank in Boston: Fundraising for First Time Entrepreneurs

The following post is from Ali Pincus Jacobs, a Blank Center team member.

Early stage VC firms appear to be popping up faster than tech startups here in Boston, however, it’s still very difficult to raise capital as a first time entrepreneur. First time entrepreneurs have everything going against them – small network, no track record, and no previous funding scars. And the scars are what really matter when it comes to learning the tips and tricks of raising capital.

Join Babson and the Boston startup community on Thursday, March 9 for a night of fundraising guidance. You’ll hear stories – the good, the bad, and the ugly – from successful entrepreneurs and investors on how to approach raising your first round of capital.

Speakers include:
Philip Beauregard, Founder, Entrepreneur & Investor
Janet Comenos, CEO, Spotted Media
Greg Gomer, Co-Founder, VentureApp
Reed Sturtevant, Managing Partner, Project 11

See you at Babson’s Boston campus on Thursday, March 9! Registration starts at 5:30pm, event starts at 6pm.