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BRIC Program

BRIC 2015 Week 1

Post by: Elisa da Rocha Leao (’17) and Joshua Boutin (’17)   Each week, two students from this year’s BRIC cohort- BRIC 7-will share an update from their travels. This week, Elisa da Rocha Leao (’17) and Josh Boutin (’17) describe their experiences with the Encounters course, pre-departure sessions with Professors Seitz and Coyle, and the group’s…

Tim Booker

Empathy vs. Sympathy – think you know the difference?

Empathy and sympathy seem like similar concepts, but are they? Researcher Brené Brown tells us they are very different.  While one connects us to one another, the other can pull us further apart.  And in our interconnected, multicultural world, being able to connect with and understand others will be to our advantage.   More compassion.…

Tim Booker

Stories from Abroad: The Gaelic Games

Post by Jin Lin ’17, who shares a fun cultural experience during her study abroad program in Dublin, Ireland. Click here to learn about the many opportunities to travel abroad at Babson. Courtesy of Arcadia University, I got the chance to learn and experience the heart of Irish culture, the Gaelic Games! We were able to learn…


Stories from Abroad: The last taste of Florence, but not of friendship

Post by Laura Jimenez ’17, who recently returned from a study abroad trip to Florence, Italy. Click here to learn about the many opportunities to travel abroad at Babson. And this is me, having a taste of my last day in Florence. After the last exam, Italian 102, which I managed to finish in 20 minutes. I…

Tim Booker

Prize Winner Speaks To Future Enterpreneurs At BELA Tanzania

This past June, Babson students and staff visited the Ganako Secondary School in Karatu, Tanzania to work with roughly one hundred high school students to teach entrepreneurship. This partnership is a relatively new venture for the Babson Entrepreneur Leadership Academy (BELA) program, which has previously run in Rwanda, Uganda and Ghana. For more information on…

Emily Besen

Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved

Post by Alex Ohnona, Class of 2014 What a beautiful world we live in! Growing up in Paris, France, Babson College was an experience abroad for me. As fulfilling as it felt, it wasn’t quite enough for me: I was hungry for change. After thorough research and advising from the the Glavin Office, I joined the…

Linda Woods Curtin

Faculty Director Transition at CWEL

[This was posted on behalf of Fred Nanni, Provost] This is the time of year when we focus on transitions and recognitions. There is a pending transition at the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership (CWEL). One that calls for recognition and appreciation! Marjorie Feld is leaving the role of CWEL’s Faculty Director. I would like…

Emily Besen

Meet the Babson Global Scholars: Marvin Tarawally ’17

Marvin Tarawally ’17 grew up in Liberia during its civil war. While he’s already created a nonprofit to reform the country’s education, Marvin explains how studying at Babson is preparing him to make an even greater impact.