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Glavin Office Student Spotlight: Andrew Suh

The student that was showcased on this month’s Student Spotlight is Andrew Suh…

  1. Where is your hometown/country? Flushing, New York

  1. What’s one assignment/project that you are currently or working on that you are excited about? I am currently excited about consulting for a food tourism company called “Taste of Lisboa, Food Tours” based in Lisbon, Portugal. They offer food and cultural tours designed for foodie travelers who aim to explore and discover the food, people, culture, architecture and history of a destination by walking through the off beaten paths rather than touristy ways. It is for the course International Consulting Experience Program where team of 5 students including myself will try to solve a business issue for an internationally sponsored company. I am excited to help our client with whatever issues she is dealing with as well as gain some experience working in new industries.
  1. What are you most proud of accomplishing during your time at Babson? I am most proud of helping my MCFE company, Jungle Island, launch successfully out of the rebuilding phase and bring consumer value. I collaborated with a team of 6 other student consultants and an MBA student project leader to work for an adventure theme park in Miami. We were tasked with helping the park with their operations management specifically with customer throughput, security, park rules and regulations as well as attraction safety practices. We were able to devise creative solutions to help them think outside the box and execute a plan of action to help their specific situation as they wanted to shift their image from a zoo to more of a theme park. We connected regularly with the client to discuss progress, goals and overview and were able to help them start off the right foot.
  1. Within the Babson community, is there anyone/any group of people you would like to recognize? I would like to recognize my professor, Jason Mohaghegh, for his inspiration and insight. He taught a fall elective abroad course at Dubai, United Arab Emirates called Postmodernism: Future Culture, which is a course relating to concepts that have a radical obsession with the future. He has allowed me to expand the boundaries of my mind, relate certain concepts such as fear to experiences we’ve had in Dubai and think critically in that not everything is as it seems. It was a great course and a great experience led by a great professor.
  1. What was the best experience/memory while you were abroad? My favorite experience from the Dubai elective abroad program was visiting the desert. We went on a safari tour where we were able to see a falcon show, ride camels and watch belly dancers perform. We also went sandboarding as well which was extremely fun. It was my first time in a desert, so it was a special experience for me.

  1. What made you choose you’re the international program you choose, and what did you get out of the experience? I chose to apply to the Postmodernism: Future Culture elective abroad because I was highly interested in the course’s themes and all the genres within it. I knew that I would enjoy immersing myself in postmodern concepts through the readings, videos and movies. Also, I had a particular interest in Dubai since it is one of the most futuristic and technologically advanced places on Earth. I live in New York City and there are not many places that can make New York seem as under-advanced as Dubai does. Overall, I thought that this elective would fit my interests. Just as I had expected, it was an amazing time. I was able to experience postmodern concepts not only through the classes, but also first-hand through cultural excursions in Dubai. It was the perfect opportunity for me to learn and grow as a global citizen as it is definitely one of the best opportunities I’ve had at Babson.