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Ghana? Are You Sure?

My first semester of sophomore year was nearing to an end and I was in the process of figuring out how my junior year was going to look. As I looked over my academic plan with my dean I realized I had the opportunity to study abroad for a semester. I did some research on…

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How to Use Your Study Abroad Experience in a Job Interview

This post was written by Peer Career Ambassador Anamaria Najera ’17 Getting your thoughts together after studying abroad can be a challenge. Mentally, you may still be back on the beaches of Barcelona, or making Swiss chocolate in Interlaken, Switzerland. Physically, you’re in Horn Library studying for midterms and applying for jobs. If you’ve landed…

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Education Abroad & Your Career

In the midst of the fall recruiting season, education abroad can feel like a barrier to scoring an interview with the company of your dreams. Instead of thinking of your time abroad as a hindrance to your career goals, remember that deciding to study abroad is an investment in your personal development. Operating outside of…