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Education Abroad & Your Career

In the midst of the fall recruiting season, education abroad can feel like a barrier to scoring an interview with the company of your dreams. Instead of thinking of your time abroad as a hindrance to your career goals, remember that deciding to study abroad is an investment in your personal development. Operating outside of your comfort zone can result in tremendous growth in terms of independence, adaptability, problem-solving, a global mindset, and more; ultimately making you a stronger candidate for any position.

Keep in mind, while some may not be flexible in interviewing while abroad, the majority of companies will accommodate skype interviews and look forward to hearing about your experience in country. Meet with an adviser in UGCCD to help you plan the optimal time to study abroad based on the industry you are considering.

But don’t take our word for it! Watch the video below to hear how three students utilized the Babson global network and their experience abroad to influence future career decisions.