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Pursue Your Passions Every Day

Every week I am faced with the challenge to decide how I want to spend the next seven days. I have 168 hours, or 10080 minutes, or 604800 seconds to spend in any way I wish! Here at Babson, a common theme is making the most out of every day. I have never met a…

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Firesides in Memphis

This weekend I had the pleasure to fly down to Memphis, TN with another one of my sorority sisters to represent the Babson chapter of our sorority–Chi Omega. At the convention, or as we call it–Firesides, my sister Danielle and I attended a number of seminars and learned a great deal about the National Panhellenic…

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And We’re Back!

It’s the second week back at Babson and as usual, we hit the ground running! It’s been great to get back in the swing of things on campus after such a long, but much needed winter break. This week is going to be especially busy–not only do I have a monthly all-greek presidents’ meeting for…