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Working From Home

This summer, my internship is a three-hour commute from my house. Although I am always ready to take on these long days, both me and my bosses knew it was unreasonable to have me make this trek more than two times a week. Instead, they have me work from home for the remaining days. Going…

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Get Ready to Mingle: Internship Style

The thirst for more connections and networking opportunities lies deep within the heart of any entrepreneur. After all, it is engraved into our brains from early on that these relationships will be key in the advancement of our career. However,  I felt ill-prepared for the abundance of networking opportunities that I was introduced to at…

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What makes Donii better

Picture this: You’re rustling through the back of your closet one afternoon on an ambitious effort to de-clutter your room when you reach an overwhelming conclusion… You have way too much stuff. Well, you knew this fact before, but now your things have somehow exploded across your room like a tornado came sweeping through moments…