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Looking Down from the Dark Woods as my Own Master, Own Poet

As an individual who has merely traveled to family in my home countries of Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, the west coast always seemed so abstract, for a trip to a place like San Francisco has always been unattainable. Therefore, in deciding whether to accept my internship, the factor of traveling into the unknown, moreover alone, played a large role. Just as Dante looked down from the dark woods into the unknown circles of below, as the title suggest, as did I, except without the help of his master and author Virgil.

Of course, working for a startup firm specialized in traffic data collection, which then consults for clients such as Uber and the city of Toronto is a remarkable and interesting opportunity, however; what pushed me to finally climbing down the hill and entering the unknown was the opportunity to see the world from a different perspective. For albeit intimidating, I knew the experience would foster new introspection and thus further my character development with newfound wisdom.

Therefore, before even discussing my internship and the potential professional advantages it may foster, I felt a rhetoric in attacking opportunities consequential, and the essential lesson I learned is dive deep in the face of doubt. The best opportunities in one’s life are those that intimidate them, for no one is ever genuinely ready for change; positive change is growth, and growth in an individual makes them a new person. One can never prepare for such a thing, and therefore are left to merely take the ride and see the beautiful place it takes them.