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Looking Down from the Dark Woods as my Own Master, Own Poet

As an individual who has merely traveled to family in my home countries of Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, the west coast always seemed so abstract, for a trip to a place like San Francisco has always been unattainable. Therefore, in deciding whether to accept my internship, the factor of traveling into the unknown, moreover…

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The Big Switch

Farewell Stetson Real Estate; hello Greiner-Maltz. In an unbelievable – and unexpected – change of events, I was granted the privilege and opportunity to join a firm in the commercial real estate sector. My true calling. Following a one-month tenure of utilizing quantitative metrics to value residential properties, I have now begun to gain complementary…

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Pivoting to Something Greater

We learn in our first year at Babson, during our FME class, that pivoting is something you should do, and inevitably will do (often, I learned). Yet, whenever pivoting occurs, it’s often with heavy hearts. We abhor change, failure, our Plan A going awry. Why is that though? Why do we think our Plan A…