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Wrapping Up

My ten weeks at Mighty Well recently came to a close. Starting off in late May, I joined as one of the earlier interns and was able to make an amazing group of friends and co-workers throughout the following months. For the most part, we are a female-dominated team. Throughout the summer, I got to meet two other amazing Babson women who worked alongside me, as well as other recent female-grads. Not only was I able to build good relationships with these women, I loved working with them as well. In FME, there is that saying that a successful team is one that you would work together again, and in this case is what I would say is a good example of.

I came to learn a lot about myself as well, in terms of how I work best, and what I enjoy doing. As I continue to be placed in a work atmosphere, I understand myself as someone who enjoys a framework. Structure is nice, but only to a certain extent. I like having direction, which will then translate into flexibility and my own interpretation of what I perceive the work to look like. I am also an organized person: I like to see things planned out ahead of time, having a time frame/schedule, and even putting things in the right place.

As of right now, I will pursue a concentration in Retail Supply Chain Management, where my interest in people operations and operations can be melded into one. Most recently, I have come to learn more about being a Buyer, and this seems like an interesting career that I am definitely looking more into in the future.

This summer was a great learning experience from a start-up perspective and personal growth. I look forward to seeing where my interests take me next!