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Effective Communication in Global Organization

Sony Music’s presence in over 40 countries around the world makes effective communication vital to its success. One of my projects as part of the Global Finance internship program involves standardizing one of the company’s key business processes. In order to standardize, it is essential to outline specific details, make comparisons, and pull information together to make recommendations. My supervisor, one of my colleagues, and I, have worked closely with various departments throughout the company including, but not limited to, label groups, sales, supply chain management, royalties, accounting services, and IS&T, in order to better understand specific process details.

This project required meticulous planning in the early stages as we are focused on creating value for those we meet with, our project, and for Sony Music as a whole. Once we finalized a plan on how best to source information, we began setting up individual meetings with departments. Depending on the department location, our meetings have ranged from one-on-ones, to small groups, to conference calls. One of the key takeaways has been the importance of consistent information sharing. We have to be accurate in our documentation of information and effective in our communication to management. Consistent information sharing allows departments to align individual goals with overall business goals and further creates an authentic and transparent work environment.