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Just say thank you

And the end is finally here.

It great-grand father (who’s also my twin) always told me that when people do right by you, just say thank you.

With the end of my internship at Junior Achievement comes a host of thank yous to a number of different people.

First, thank you to Joseph Peri, Christopher Malin, and the entire Junior Achievement of New York staff for opening your doors to me this summer, to work alongside all of you. It has been great and I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Many thanks to the Undergraduate Center for Career Development for providing me with the resources to intern this summer via their Summer Internship Sponsorship Program. CCD is THE BEST and deserves a million hats off to them. Thank you Megan and the rest of the team!

Thank you to The Opportunity Network for providing me with a plethora of workshops to attend this summer to brush up on many skills in addition to learning new ones.

With all that being said and done, for the remainder of the summer, I will be maximizing these last days with tons of resting and relaxing, spending more time doing nothing, as opposed to being caught up with things like email. I am pumped to get back on campus, though!

In other news, I’ve gracefully been offered an internship with one of the world’s largest accounting firms…one of the “big four” to be exact – Ernst & Young! This is a dream come true and I’m so excited about it. Monday’s interview went well, to say the least.

Thank for reading my blogs this summer. I’ve actually gotten the hang of it. Look out for another post once the semester starts.

Until then,