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The Power of a Thank You Note

As my internship ended this week, I contemplated the best way to leave a mark of my appreciation with my managers and coworkers. I came to the decision that I would bake cupcakes and write thank you notes for them. At lunch on my last day, I brought out the cupcakes in little ribbon-wrapped boxes…

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My Huge Secret Project

At the end of my internship at JVS, I secretly finished a huge project: writing six thank-you letters to my supervisors and colleagues by hand. The biggest chunk of the work is composing the contents of each letter. For each person that I wrote for, I tried to think of at least one unique shared…

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Just say thank you

And the end is finally here. It great-grand father (who’s also my twin) always told me that when people do right by you, just say thank you. With the end of my internship at Junior Achievement comes a host of thank yous to a number of different people. First, thank you to Joseph Peri, Christopher…