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The In’s and Out’s of Reynolds Campus Center

With Reynolds Campus Center being a sort of student “hub” on campus, there are a number of offices and services in this building.


The Information Desk is at the front of Reynolds when you walk in. Whether you have a question about when the next shuttle is coming, or where a great place to get chinese food close to campus is, this is the place to be.


The Babson Bookstore is a great place to get all things Babson. be it sweatshirts, t-shirts, text books, or a bag of chips–the bookstore is the place to pick it up.



The second part of our meal plans is housed in Reynolds at what is called the Crossroads Cafe. Here you get between 15 and 25 “swipes” per semester. A swipe is a “meal” so a main course, side, and a drink. There are a number of stations in Crossroads, from a Pizza Hut Express station, panini and wrap station, a grill and hand rolled sushi. For a main course, you can select a Pizza Hut pizza, wrap/sandwich, or pretty much anything from the grill. For your side you can choose from fries, chips, two cookies or a piece of fruit, finished off with a milk or soda.

Crossroads Cafe is open Weekdays from 11am to Midnight.

We also have a Dunkin Donuts on campus in Reynolds. To purchase coffee, donuts, etc we use the third part of our meal plans–Babson Bucks. Babson Bucks are essentially additional money on our onecards we can use all around campus, as well as a few off campus locations as well. (CVS, Qudoba, and Domino’s).

Freshens is on the other side of Crossroads Cafe. They serve smoothies, hard ice cream and frozen yogurt, which can also be purchased with Babson Bucks. Both Freshens and Dunkin Donuts are open until 2am on the weekends, so they are a great place to grab a bite to late into the night.


This is global lounge! A great place to hang out during lunch, or study late at night. Since Reynolds Campus Center is open 24 hours, a number of students study in this area late into the night.


The Mail Room is on the second floor above the bookstore. It is where you will pick up all of your mail, and get a new one card when you inevitably loose it.

This is Steve Heaslip–the head of the Mail Room and OneCard office. He always sends witty emails, and looks a lot like Elvis.

The Game Room as everything from PacMan, to Pool, Air Hockey, and everything in between. Students can show their one cards and rent out a variety of gaming consoles as well, ranging from Wii to Xbox 360’s. The Game Room is a great place to hang out and relax on the weekends.


Student Life Services–also known as Residential Life, is the place to be for all campus questions. Be it issues with roommates, questions about the upcoming Knight Party, or wanting to bring a new club or organization to campus, SLS is the place to get those questions answered.


For more information on Reynolds, visit our website!