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The Campus Visit Experience – Part 3

I think it’s about time for a recap. Let’s see what we’ve learned together so far in this “Campus Visit Experience” segment. Well, together we have covered everything from the importance of the campus visit, most common visit types and the specific opportunities to visit Babson this Spring. Regardless of which visit appeals to you…

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A Home Baked Treat

While eating in Trim Dining Hall and Reynolds is delicious, it is nice to mix food options up every so often. I mentioned to my sorority sister Allie that I missed my mother’s healthy baked treats on nights I had to stay up late to study. To my surprise, I returned home from Horn Library…

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The In’s and Out’s of Reynolds Campus Center

With Reynolds Campus Center being a sort of student “hub” on campus, there are a number of offices and services in this building.   The Information Desk is at the front of Reynolds when you walk in. Whether you have a question about when the next shuttle is coming, or where a great place to…