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Jennifer-Trisha Kuhanga – Good Business Defined

By Jennifer-Trisha Kuhanga, Babson Undergraduate Student and Intern at The Lewis Institute. This post is the second in a 4 part series building on the conversations at Good Business Fridays by providing a platform for Babson Undergraduate students to reflect on what “Good Business” means or has come to mean to them.

I have been working at The Lewis Institute for some time now and I have encountered all kinds of people who believe in doing businesses the right way, in their own way. As I have engaged with these individuals my own perception of Good Business has shifted and changed in the process. Despite all the changes that my perceptions of Good Business have gone through, one thing still remains.


At the end of the day, I believe that a good business is a business that takes care of and protects all the people that it encounters in the process of doing business. This includes customers, employees and the people who face the negative externalities of their practices. Whatever the cost, a Good Business will relentlessly strive to empower all the people it encounters. Good Businesses are good to people.