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Babson Food Entrepreneurs Share the Recipe and History Behind Mangico

This post was contributed by Babson beverage entrepreneurs Mariana Robina (M’13) and Alonso Hidalgo (M’13)

Mangico founders Alonso Hidalgo (M’13) and Mariana Robina (M’13)

Mangico founders Alonso Hidalgo (M’13) and Mariana Robina (M’13)

Premium mango liqueur Mangico (Man – gee – co) was born of our desire to find a solution for lost mango crops in Mexico.  Every day, perfectly good mangoes are left to rot in the fields, rejected by the market either for too many blemishes or too short a shelf life.

We took our passions for minimizing this food waste, stimulating the local economy, and celebrating our family history and combined them to create Mangico, our premium artisanal cordial made of Mexican mangoes, herbs and spices.

Our liqueur is crafted from a secret family recipe dating back more than 50 years.  Mariana’s grandfather Miguel Galatas brought it with him from pre-revolutionary Cuba to Mexico and it’s a fusion of Mariana’s exotic Cuban background and both of our joyful and colorful Mexican cultures.

Mangico gets its name from the expression Miguel used to describe a delicious mango.

Mexican mangoes give Mangico its sweetness and its aroma is derived from the interaction of spearmint and cane sugar finished with the eccentric endnote of lime. The organic pure sugar cane alcohol complements and enhances the complexity of these ingredients.

Some of our ingredients were important to native South Americans as remedies for tropical illnesses.

Mangico is a taste of our homes. Delicious to drink straight over ice or you can add it as a secret ingredient to your own signature cocktail.

Director of Food Sol Rachel Greenberger adds:  As Babson Summer Venture Program participants, Mariana and Alonso will be at Community Table, co-hosted by Food Sol and the Summer Venture Program, next Wednesday, July 3 from 10:00 – 11:30 a.m..  Come hear more about Mangico and their food entrepreneurial journey.  (To save your seat, please email