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Thero: Making Your Coffee Out of This World


Ruohan ‘Chloris’ Yang MSEL ’17, Allen Zhang MSEL ’17 and Xin ‘Nathan’ Nie are the founders of Thero, a lifestyle focused company that is using new material technology to make life more convenient.

Their first product is the Thero Magic Mug, a space-grade travel mug that quickly cools down your scalding hot coffee to the perfect drinking temperature in just two minutes. Even better, it’ll keep your coffee at the perfect temperature for 5-6 hours so that you can enjoy it anytime.

The Idea

Yang and Zhang met in the MSEL program at Babson. During their capstone project Yang decided she wanted to try and combat the issue that her coffee was never the right temperature.

“As grad students we relied on a steady stream of caffeine but were constantly burning our tongues or forgetting our coffee and returning to a cold cup later,” said Zhang. This is where the idea for Thero was born.

Yang began to do research and learned of a new material being used in the aerospace industry and instantaneously knew that this materials was the key to solving the temperature regulation problem. “As a company we are committed to designing products that fit seamlessly into every busy lifestyle and using our new material technology to help make life simpler instead of over-complicating it as new tech often does,” says Zhang.

Babson and Beyond

The Thero team attributes much of their success to the support they have received at Babson. “Babson has been amazing for our business it has constantly provided us with the resources we need to continue growing and learning,” says Zhang.

Thero worked as a part of the Summer Venture Program at Babson in the Summer of 2017 and continues to have a growing relationship with the Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship on campus.

The future for Thero is beyond the coffee mug. “Our goals for the future are to continue creating products that use this space-grade material to make life on Earth a little easier,” says Zhang.

Visit their Kickstarter and learn more about the future of Thero!