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MBA Graduate Establishes Cambridge Educators Design Lab

Angeline UyHam MBA’16 is founder of the Cambridge Educators Design Lab, which, provides an opportunity for communities to collaborate on bold ideas that make a difference in the lives of students. By using design thinking matched with an entrepreneurial mindset, the lab collectively transform ideas into solutions. The lab serves as a new model for the way we impact learning by focusing on student-centered innovation and cross-city collaboration.

Angeline UyHam MBA’16

Educators want to create solutions to existing challenges. The Design Lab validates educators’ insights and provides a means to experiment with transformative design. It enables shared power, highlights educators as innovators, and is a mechanism for on-going innovation.

The Design Lab capitalizes on educators’ experiences, expertise, and passions by changing the way in which problems are identified and addressed. By implementing design thinking, the lab fosters partnerships and create solutions together. This mindset translates insights into novel ways of teaching and learning.

UyHam is a district Design and Innovation Coach in the Cambridge Public Schools system and is a Design Fellow with the Center for Artistry and Scholarship.