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VitalFit Nutrition: From Farm to Fit

Vital Fit
Founders Alfred Schofield and Cam Fischer at Cambridge Naturals, the first distributor of VitalFit.

The boutique workout world is bigger than ever and the supplement industry has been slow to adapt. Alfred Schofield MSEL ’16 and Cameron Fischer MSEL ’16 are disrupting the supplement industry with VitalFit Nutrition.

The Idea

Schofield and Fischer met in the Babson Masters of Science in Management in Entrepreneurial Leadership (MSEL) program and found their skills to be a great match for one another. Schofield comes from a family business background, his family owns several small businesses on Cape Cod and Fischer’s parents work in holistic medicine in New York and he has a background in research and analysis. Together they brainstormed the idea for a safe and effective fitness supplement in VitalFit.

They wanted to combat the ills of the supplement industry. “All the supplements on the market were aimed at getting bigger or getting smaller,” says Fischer. They wanted to create a supplement that was made of simple plant based ingredients to help the customer take advantage of every movement in their workout, to achieve more with less. The FDA regulation of supplements in the current market is lax and the products can potentially be dangerous to the consumer, VitalFit wants to be the safe alternative that actually works.

VitalFit’s vision is to help shape a new, more transparent, and accountable supplement industry. They are creating an environment where active ‘lifestylers’ don’t need to think twice about the safety and integrity of what they buy.

 The Products

When it comes to workout supplements VitalFit wants to take out all of the harmful ingredients and leave the consumer with the pure energy needed to complete and sustain a workout. The VitalFit team has partnered up with LionDale Medical, a holistic preventative medicine specialist to help create the most effective superfood based products.

VitalFit currently has two products: Pumpkin Seed Protein and Tart Cherry Capsules. The Pumpkin Seed Protein is made from 100% raw organic pumpkin seeds and contains 22 grams of protein, 3 branch chain amino acids (BCAA’s), 11 viral nutrients all in only 134 calories. The Tart Cherry Capsules are a 480 mg tablet additive-free capsules that delivers a powerful anti-inflammatory & antioxidant effect to help accelerate recovery, alleviate pain and prepare for the next work out.

The VitalFit team is continuously growing their network of trainers and instructors, doctors and nutritionists to help create the best products with transparency and effectiveness. They are hoping to broaden their product suite to expand beyond their current offerings. They hope long-term to have a lasting effect on the supplement industry.

All products are gluten free, GMO free, additive free, 100% vegan and made entirely in the USA.

The Babson Connection

“Babson was the catalyst for creating VitalFit.  The simple fact is that without Babson, VitalFit doesn’t exist,” said Schofield.

Schofield and Fischer started VitalFit in the MSEL program at Babson and with the education they received they were able to do product testing and find important collaborative partners to launch them into production. They are also members of the Butler Venture Accelerator Summer Community and are working with the Lewis Institute and Schlesinger Fund for Global Healthcare Entrepreneurship to put on a panel titled “Small Business for Big Impact,” on Wednesday March 15, 2017 in Olin Hall.