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An Update from Babson College

In every student conduct case, we complete a thorough and fair investigation that, when required, relies on our rigorous Community Standards process for adjudication. We neither rush to judgment, nor shrink from our responsibility to conduct a full investigation due to pressure from internal or external sources. Our policies and procedures are designed to ensure due process for all parties involved and to deliver an appropriate resolution based on evidence, not conjecture. This includes dedicating the time necessary to ensure that all cooperating witnesses can be interviewed and providing ample time for all parties to review full investigative materials in advance of a hearing.

As a matter of policy, and in accordance with Federal law, Babson College will not comment on specific student conduct matters. We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of law enforcement records and respecting the privacy of all involved, particularly any enrolled students.

It is important to note, however, that we have high standards for our students’ behavior and these are laid out clearly in Babson College’s Community Standards (pdf). As a diverse and inclusive college campus, we teach – and expect – our students to value differences and to engage in all instances with civility, compassion, and respect.