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ZAVR, Accessories for the Modern Gentleman


Babson undergraduate students Harshit Garg ‘19, Pranay Kothari ‘19, and Hari Mahesh ’19 are redefining the modern gentlemen by launching the men’s accessories brand, ZAVR Men.  ZAVR Men is a men’s accessories brand that offers modern accessories that strike a balance with both luxury and affordable. They are classy men’s accessories that complement a well-dressed attire for any occasion, embodying the lifestyle of the modern gentleman.

The Idea

“As college students, we didn’t want to break the bank, but still wanted to be fashionable and on top of the latest trends,” says Mahesh.

A major trend shaping the men’s fashion industry is to accessorize your outfit beyond just watches. However, the only offerings available were either cheap-quality products from major fashion retailers or independent brands that were too expensive and had outdated styles.

“Our philosophy is that a gentleman’s style defines who he is to the world around him. We wanted to redefine what it means to be a gentleman in the modern world we live in today,” says Mahesh.

They are launching with metal cuffs, leather bracelets, metal pendants, and cufflinks, and are hoping to expand into other men’s accessories for modern gentlemen, including tie bars, leather driving gloves, wallets, and razor shaving sets.

The Brand

ZAVR Men is built on three core principles: Dynamic, Quality, and Affordable.

Dynamic – The accessories complement a well-dressed attire for any occasion from a business meeting to a late night adventure, an effortless extension of your lifestyle.

Quality – The world-class manufacturing and premium materials enable them to design and build premium quality accessories, enduring life as they know it while upholding your class.

Affordable – The transparent direct-to-consumer model decreases the costs without sacrificing premium quality, thereby passing the savings directly with all the benefits.

Also, with every purchase of a ZAVR Men accessory, ZAVR will donate a complete, nutritious meal to a family in need. They believe a small gesture of kindness can transcend beyond the cultural boundaries of the world today.

The Babson Community

The ZAVR Men team all came together at Babson because of their passion for entrepreneurship.

“The [Babson] FME curriculum has been pivotal in providing us a foundation of entrepreneurship and enabling us to have an experience to launch a business,” says Mahesh. “Seeing each other at action in our respective business, we knew that we could come together as a team to work together on a similar venture.”

Babson helped the ZAVR Men team see that with their complementary skills stemming from an entrepreneurship-based curriculum and diverse experiences, they could be successful.

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