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Babson Undergrads Win Money 20/20 Hackathon

Money 20/20 Hackathon

Babson undergraduate students Waseem Shabout ’19, Gabe Ficht ’19, Eagle Wu ’19 and Arpit Bansal ’19 along with Derek Canton won the Money 20/20 Hackathon on Sunday October 23, 2016 is Las Vegas, Nevada. All four students belong to Babson’s CodeClub and are very active in Babson’s IoT Initiative.

At the Hackathon they were awarded the FirstData’s sponsor prize and the Hackathon’s $5,000 prize.

“We simplified the entire dining experience down to one single push notification,” says Shabout, “If merchants use our app [customers] just have to walk in, click yes on the push notification and then leave whenever they want. Within that timeframe your payment details have been registered with the merchant terminal and you never even have to look at the bill or pull out any form of payment anywhere in the process.”

Money 20/20 Hackathon

In just 2 years, the Money20/20 Hackathon has been established as a premier event for the world’s best developers and has set an entirely new standard for Hackathons globally. 2016’s event once again brought the best of the best professional hackers together at the Venetian in Las Vegas, on October 22-23, for 24 hours of intense competition and collaboration. Teams battled for $125K in cash prizes and international notoriety as they were challenged to showcase their skills and vision using the APIs, SDKs and other tools from today’s leading Payments and Financial Services Innovators.