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Santander Universities – Babson Entrepreneurship And Innovation Symposium for Redemprendia Fellows Kicks-Off

The Santander Universities – Babson Entrepreneurship & Innovation Symposium for Redemprendia Fellows will take place September 2-7, 2016 at the Babson Executive Conference Center.

The goal of this program, offered to Santander Fellows from around the world, is to bring together academics, business incubator executives, entrepreneurs, and government officials to learn, network, and exchange best-in-class thinking around entrepreneurship and innovation among entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses, large firms, and government. This program will highlight and explore the realities, anomalies, and challenges of what entrepreneurship can do for an economy, why startups aren’t creating numerous new jobs, and why the return on innovation investments for many large companies is low.

This symposium will enable participants to gain greater awareness about:

  • The importance of incubators and educators
  • How the entrepreneurs and small, medium, and large businesses are either helping or hindering these efforts
  • The connection between entrepreneurship, innovation, and corporate entrepreneurship
  • The role of government in fostering entrepreneurship and innovation in their countries
  • Entrepreneurial Thought & Action® and the role it plays in all spheres of business

The program content is delivered through experiential exercises, cases, reflective practice, group projects, and interactive lectures. There will be a strong emphasis on acquiring knowledge about the key content topics that develop Entrepreneurial Thought & Action®.

Content topics include

  • Innovation: Entrepreneurial Thought & Action®
  • The Dynamics of Innovation
  • Sustainability: Making Technology Choice & Funding for the Future Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Open Innovation

Faculty include

About the Program

In today’s business environments of change and uncertainty, it is often impossible to predict the future. Now, more than ever, the world needs entrepreneurial business leaders who create the future through new opportunities that lead to growth and value creation for individuals, organizations, and society. The Santander Universities – Babson Entrepreneurship & Innovation Symposium for RedEmprendia Fellows program is a weeklong, intensive, and transformational experience that covers a wide range of topics relating to entrepreneurship, innovation, and value creation.

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